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Bananas and Vitamins

24 Aug

Another workout today. I love my trainer, even if he’s a sadistic bastard. He gave me more homework; now I need to take a multivitamin and eat a piece of fruit every day. This is the kind of homework I can handle, really. So far so good!

Our workouts are tightening up as I get back into things. I’m ready to go up weights next week, even after three circuits, they were pretty easy. And after next week we’re heading into a couple weeks of increasing strength which is my favorite. Instead of doing 3×15 of everything, I do 2×8. Because there are fewer reps, I can do much higher weight, and I can go up weights faster. After a few weeks of that, we’ll come back down for more reps again to increase endurance again. My trainer likes to cycle between a few modes to keep everything balanced and new.

After today’s workout, my trainer says I’m ready to work with the bar in bench press instead of individual weights. Have I mentioned how much I love bench/chest press because it makes me feel super strong? Switching to the barbell from dumbbells makes it all even better! Can’t wait!

Cardio improvements are going slower, but they are improving. And although I miss my best friend a lot, I’m finding that I’m eating a lot less junk food. I used to do a lot of social eating, and now that I’m not doing that, I mostly eat fairly healthy at home because that’s all we have in the house. Hopefully that will be reflected in some weight loss. I’m kinda sick of sitting at the 211.5-212.5 range.

Oh, right. I had to share this new move my trainer is having me do. I’ve been doing planks for a while, and on Tuesday and today he introduced new types of planks. Including one called the “irritating plank”. This involves doing a plank with your elbows on one of those bosu half-ball things. Not so bad (other than being a plank which sucks). But then while I’m doing that for 45 seconds, he’s taking a medicine ball and pushing me on the back and along my side. My response, “well I see where the irritating part of this comes in.” Seriously lame. My trainer laughs the entire time. See? Sadistic bastard.


Still here

22 Aug

Yep, I’m still here and still hanging in there.

My best friend moved to the east coast on Sunday, which obviously put me into a bit of a funk. However, I feel like I’m starting to come out of it to some degree. I have so much going on, that it’s hard to dwell.

My trainer wants me to focus on eating more fruit. So one piece of fruit a day. He doesn’t care what fruit, just as long as I eat something. So I’m going for bananas. They have the convenience factor that makes it REALLY hard to justify not eating them! When I am feeling peckish, I tend to go for bread or chocolate because it comes in a form factor that is quick, easy, and generally not messy. Fruit often requires some prep and can get kinda messy, so bananas seem like a good “no excuses” fruit. Maybe I can move on to other fruit in the coming weeks. 😉

I tried brussel sprouts for the first time since I was a little kid today. While they are not at the top of the list of favorite veggies, they were better than I remembered them.

At the gym, my trainer has me focused on core and balance work, to strengthen everything that needs to be strong to have good form while doing more complex moves. I kinda suck at balance, but it’s amazing how quickly I’ve already improved. We are also doing interval cardio training to improve my “cardio base” which is useful for everything, really. Because of my knee issues, instead of doing speed intervals, we’re doing incline intervals. I’m down. I love hiking!

My absolute favorite though is the weight lifting. I think I like the chest press the best, which surprised me. But it just makes me feel SO strong. I’m already seeing improved definition in my upper arms, which is exciting.

I had a little mental breakthrough as far as working out goes. I used to hate it and how much time it took. But then I had this little mini-epiphany where I realized that really it’s prep work. In every craft ever, there is a lot of prep work before you get to the fun part. Well here, working out is the prep work and living is the fun part. By doing the prep work, I burn more calories, have more energy, and am better able to move throughout the rest of my day. For an hour or two of work, that’s a LOT of benefit! And suddenly I didn’t mind the time anymore.


7 Aug

I’m having one of those days…okay fine, weeks in which I’m constantly hungry. Not really hungry, but I just want to be eating. Which is of course the sign of emotional hunger instead of physical hunger, but none of my tricks are working. I’m mostly craving chocolate. So. much. chocolate.

Generally when I get cravings, I try to listen to them, and have some of whatever I’m craving so I don’t end up eating everything else BUT what I’m craving so I don’t give into my cravings. The problem is that this particular craving appears to be insatiable. There is not enough chocolate to fill this need.

Looking at what’s going on emotionally, I’m headed into a pretty big upheaval, and I’m sure I’m freaking out inside. And some on the outside. Eli still doesn’t have a job, and we’re running out of savings. He’s been trying really hard, and I’ve been helping him, but there’s just been nothing happening on that front other than a few interviews. A lot of times he’s been told that it was between him and somebody else, but they keep picking the somebody else. I’m trying to have faith — things always seem to work out — but it’s really hard.

On my job front, it’s difficult having such an unstructured job as this startup. I feel like I’m the only one putting any effort into it, because the other two people have another job. I don’t have the skills to do everything that needs to be done, nor do I want to be the only one working on it. It’s scary and unknown and I need my marketing/business person to help us get to a point where we’ve got at least some money coming in. And a game plan. We could use one of those.

And finally, my best friend for the last 7 years is moving to the other side of the country in a couple weeks. She’s been my social anxiety crutch (y’know, the person that you take with you to events so you’re not there alone) and my partner-in-crime, and I have no idea what I’m going to do when she moves.

Probably eat too much chocolate. 😐


3 Aug

I’ve been sick since Monday night. Went to the doctor yesterday and got some medication, and I’m on the mend now. So weigh-in had me at 211.4, but  that will likely fluctuate a lot as the week continues as my infection goes away and I get back to a place where I can eat.

I haven’t been able to work out this week either. Man, 2nd week and bam, already missing my workouts! Not an auspicious start.

I did get some cooking in again this week! Well, something new anyway. I’ve been cooking a lot more in general. I missed the farmer’s market because I was at the health center and getting meds and all that. But I made up some chicken tortilla soup which is SOOO GOOD. Good thing, too, because there’s about a bajillion servings of it, so I’ll be eating it for the next 10 meals or so. I actually froze half of it because I figured we’d get sick of it before we got through all the leftovers.

It feels really nice to cook. I’m really glad I’m learning how to do it. I feel as I learn more about it, I’ll be able to tone it even more healthy, but in general I know it’s already way better than what I eat at restaurants.