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Sleep and Water

1 Sep

There’s something ironic about writing about sleep when its 12:30a. But there it is.

My homework for the week is to get to bed earlier (preferably be in bed at midnight) and drink more water. Yes, the water thing again. I love it when I do it, but for some reason I never continue it. I don’t understand.

Workouts have been going really well, and next week we are moving into a few weeks of focusing on increasing strength as opposed to endurance. I am really excited about it!

Weight wise, my weight seems rather disconnected from my actions these days. It went up for no reason, and I changed nothing and now it’s going down again. Someday I will get below 210, but until then, I’m pretty sure I’m losing inches. My clothes are fitting better in general, and my trainer said I looked smaller. I told him I liked him better than the scale, so I’d rather listen to him anyway.

His latest brand of torture is pilates. He’s working on his certification, and he’s practicing on me. As it turns out, I am NOT a fan of pilates. Why can’t he get certified in massage or something?

I feel like I’m more committed mentally to working out this time. I’m still not always terribly excited about going, but there’s less waffling about whether I’m going to go or not. Of course, at just two times a week, it’s hard to find excuses NOT to go. At some point I’m going to need to up the frequency, and that always seems to be met with some mental resistance.

I should probably go do that sleep thing, I’d hate to fail at my homework assignment!